accessible food waste services

GoZERO places food waste containers with you and makes sure the compostables you place in them are composted.

Let us show you how easy it can be.


Three ways to
compost food waste

 commercial foodservice & other organizations

commercial foodservice & other organizations

Commercial Style

Single or multi point disposal services put you on a local collection route as community leader and keeps composting simple. We provide introductory usage-base trial pilots to size services appropriately and can help you setup in house to get food waste and other compostables to our containers.

 coming to an event near you

coming to an event near you

Special Events

You'll want everyone to know how easy it is to "green" your event by placing food waste collection carts at you venue. We'll assist you with the basic steps needed to get food waste and other compostables to the carts and provide as much or as little in-event servicing as you need.

 help your neighbors start composting

help your neighbors start composting

Curbside Services

When you want to be a part of changing how your community does food waste and other compostables but time and space are not on your side, GoZERO will place nine or more carts on a residential or commercial street and service it on a regular basis as part of an existing local collection route. 


Timeline to Composting


In a nut shell, here's how! – We ...

  • Work with you regarding common concerns, service details, and on site setup

  • Place food waste containers and offer additional support as needed

  • Empty and service carts, on a schedule that's right for you, making sure materials collected go to a local composter requiring as little effort from you as possible.

 compost ninjas on the job

compost ninjas on the job

weeks 10 – Future You "The Composter"

Imagine yourself in less than three months from now, saving literally tons of food waste for reuse as nutrient dense compost – saving our landfills, reducing climate impacts, and building health into our soils for years to come.

You have less trash. The public is noticing and your employees feel good about working for an organization that's committed to doing the right thing.



weeks 4-8 – Ongoing Support "Rinse and Repeat"

Once you've gotten a few weeks of service under your belt we'll work with you to determine if there are ways to optimize your onsite composting program in order to make it simpler or compost additional items.



by week 4 – Routine "You've Got This!"

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by week 2 – We've Got You Covered

By week two it will begin to all come into focus. Questions about what can be composted and where the new bit and bags go have been answered. We've magically serviced your carts without incident. You've discovered how good it feels to separate your food waste, food soiled paper, and other compostables knowing they won't got to a landfill. No odors or pests have threatened to create a nuisance, and you're beginning to think that maybe you could tell others about your program as someone who's had a first hand experience.


week 1 – Carts Arrive & Eureka!



T-2 weeks – Approval!

Proposal, supplies, and staff prep.


T-4 weeks – The Stage is Set

Proposal provided given your location's unique needs.


T-6 weeks – Take the First Step


The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. If you'd like to compost, but have concerns or think it might not work at your location – get in touch.

We've had a chance to help others through organizational, financial, and logistical barriers. We'd love to help you figure out how to get started. Food waste composting is one of the easiest, most impactful, far reaching endorphin rushes you and those around you can find. Send us a note today.