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Compost Stations

Do you hate when food is wasted? Reduce food waste at home by making composting easier and more accessible without having to find the space or time to do it yourself.

Support your local compost station where residential food waste is dropped off for transport to a licensed food waste composting facility.


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What are compost stations?

A food waste compost drop-off station is a place where one or more watertight, lidded, 64 gallon GoZERO food waste carts are placed for public use on either an open or membership basis, via subscriptions or sponsorship. Host locations typically set hours and other station parameters, but the goal is the same at every one – to increase food waste awareness and reduce food waste itself by making options like drop-off stations more accessible in the community.


Why do compost stations matter?

If landfilled food waste were a nation, it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases, behind only China and the United Sates. When paired with waste reduction efforts, compost stations reduce waste and carbon footprint.

Every 46 pounds of food waste composted takes one full day of driving emissions out of the atmosphere.

Food waste costs the average American household over $2000 per year.

Not every household has the time and space to compost alone, but collaborating together, neighborhoods can utilize compost stations to reduce food waste.

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How do compost stations work?

The below listed locations have decided to host one or more food waste compost carts for public access as a “Food Waste Drop-off Station.” GoZERO Services will be transporting what is collected to a local composter where it will be transformed into a rich soil amendment rather than buried in a landfill. 

Members of the community who would like to support local composting and use the service to responsibly dispose of their household compostable items may sign-up for a $10/mo recurring 12 month station membership. Proceeds will help to offset station costs and promote food waste reduction awareness. Some stations are sponsor rather than subscription based. See listings below for details.

Membership includes

  • invitation to responsibly dispose food waste during station hours

  • a GoZERO bucket and lid for collecting compostables

  • guidance on how and what to collect

  • optional updates on station news

  • based on participation per location, access to finished food waste compost in the spring.


How do I get started?

Check our listings below for a location near you. If there’s not a station nearby, help us organize one. Be sure to check station hours and if the station could use any volunteer help. Once you’ve found one that’s right for you, signup is easy. If subscription is required (locations can be subscription or sponsorship based) payment is secured through PayPal services.

Once you’ve signed up, show your receipt to location staff to claim your bucket and lid if you like, and get started collecting food waste for composting. Tell your friends and neighbors and enjoy how good it feels.

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Signup for a Station

Below are our current and soon to launch compost stations. Find one in your area and signup, or if there’s not one in your area yet, help us organize one for you and your neighbors.


Organize a Station

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and your will could be that way.

Typically all that’s needed is a host location and a local advocate or two to keep an eye on things and co-captain local outreach and support.

Please complete the form below, and let’s get started figuring out how to get a compost station in your neck of the woods!

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Thanks for your interest in compost stations and food waste reduction!