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Food waste composting because, "We don't inherit the Earth from our ancestors;
we borrow it from our children."


GoZERO Services is committed to improving our environment, strengthening our communities, and changing how we think about food, soil, and health by making commercial scale food waste composting convenient, accessible, and fun for schools, restaurants, workplaces, neighborhoods and more.

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See our list of what is and isn’t compostable.
It’s not pretty (we’re working on that), but it is exhaustive.

We’re rolling out food waste compost drop-off stations for residential use.
Check it out, join up, or start one in your neighborhood today!


What does GoZERO Do?

GoZERO Services provides convenient food waste compost services and support, transporting your food waste from your residential community or commercial operation to a composter near you.

Nutrient dense food waste based compost delivery services for landscaping and gardening are also available.

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Food Waste Compost
Courier Services

Get food waste disposal sized right for your residential community or commercial foodservice operation. For years composting has been done on a large industrial scale or by upstarts one 5 gallon bucket at a time.

Today each GoZERO cart removes the equivalent of 2,991 miles of driving emissions. – src:

Carts will hold up to 64 gallons, 650 pounds, or 2000 meals worth of food waste.

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Bulk Compost Delivery

Get premium grade food waste based compost delivered your door without feeling guilty or breaking a sweat over lugging plastic bags around.

Compost is locally sourced and 100% veggie based.

Delivery can typically be scheduled within a week and starts at $1.11 / cubic foot for large deliveries.




Food Waste Based
Craft Compost

Delivered to your door via Priority Mail, get the fruits of Andre Farms' 25 years of composting craft while lowering our carbon footprint and doing something healthy for yourself.

2X the nutrients of traditional compost

3X the nutrients of potting blends

One bag can be used like organic fertilizer, 1/2 cup per garden plan or 1/6 blend in your potting soil.