How GoZERO Works

Explanation of Service Terms

last updated 2017-08-13 v2.4


Thank you for your interest and commitment to sustainably disposing of your food waste. GoZERO exists to provide convenient customer centric food waste composting collection services. The below has been created to better explain what to expect when using GoZERO Services.

Regular Service


Regular service consists ongoing food waste disposal access made possible by GoZERO’s truck visiting to empty and clean as needed one or more previously placed food waste disposal containers at a location for a customer on a route usually having 10 or more other locations within GoZERO’s regular service area.

Containers may be swapped rather than emptied as needed, containers may be lined with a compostable bag when temperatures are too low for onboard cleaning equipment to be used, and service times may vary slightly due to holidays or operational needs. It is GoZERO’s intent to over communicate any significant variation in service. Per location, containers must be accessible all within one immediate area.


In order to right-size services GoZERO offers a 4 week (28 day) introductory trial period. After initial container count and service schedule are established, a deposit for these first 4 weeks is required before starting services.

Containers are then placed at the location, typically with staff introductions and orientation if desired. After the first servicing where containers are emptied and reset – if more or fewer containers are desired, more or fewer visits are desired, or other services are desired, the account is credited or debited to reflect what services are actually used during the 4 week trial.


Once a reasonable servicing baseline is established, usually after the first servicing is completed, the first regular deposit will be required in order to continue services beyond the 4 week trial. Deposits are required quarterly for ongoing quarterly service, prorated as needed and always changeable upon written request. This and all other fees will be based on the number of containers placed, visits provided, and other services provided – and not on actual usage within a given period. This is intended to keep services simple, making them more sustainable.

Usage based services are not currently available on an ongoing basis with GoZERO. If a container is not full, contaminated beyond what GoZERO is able to service, or inaccessible –if a servicing visit is skipped without adequate written notice – if other services are not utilized outside of GoZERO’s purview, it remains the responsibility of the customer to pay for the service. In time GoZERO hopes to establish the ability to provide ongoing usage based services.


Services provided can be changed at any time in writing within three business days of the next regularly scheduled servicing visit. This includes one-time or ongoing container, visit, or other servicing cancelations, additions, or modifications. Fees will be adjusted to reflect changes for the next regular quarterly period.


Deposits for regular services are required quarterly. Typically, notice is provided 45 days prior to start of each quarter and are due 30 days later, 15 days prior to start of each quarter, in order to allow adequate time for payment prior to each renewal.

For convenience unless otherwise requested, renewals include seasonally regular services such as what schools need given summer vacations or produce handlers need given harvest peaks.

GoZERO will always attempt to send regular notice with more than enough time to either pay the renewal deposit or communicate wishes to cancel. Regarding receiving payments, every effort will be made to be as proactive and as flexible as possible.


Services can be canceled at any time in writing within three business days of the next regularly scheduled servicing visit. Once containers are collected and services are ended a final statement will be issued along with a reimbursement if any balance remains for services paid for but not received due to cancelation.

Irregular Service

In cases where geography or scheduling needs require a given location cannot be put on a regular route within GoZERO’s regular service area, irregular service may be desired. It is the same as regular service but may be slightly more expensive to cover additional costs.

As more locations are added in an area it may be possible for irregular service to become a regular. GoZERO will adjust rates accordingly in the event this happens.

Event Service

Special events such as a planned festival or an unplanned episodic surge of food waste in a food related operation can call for onetime or limited term container servicing, servicing visits, or other services – sometimes outside of GoZERO’s regular service area.

These events are quoted, paid for, and subject to the same rates and terms used in regular services. A service that lasts less than a regular quarterly period or has a limited term is considered an event service. Unique event considerations are usually possible. For more detail ask for a quote.


Prices are typically derived per container, per visit, and per other services provided. See our prices online or get a quote.


GoZERO provides cell phone and email contact information in order to best coordinate services for each customer.

Every customer is requested designate an executive administrator, composting program champion, financial controller, and per location an operations manager, providing best phone and email contact information for each. Cell phone numbers will be held in confidence and only used as need in time critical circumstances.

Multiple contact roles can be held by a single individual so long as each role’s function is fulfilled.

­These roles have been found to be crucial to food waste compost collection program success. They must be able to perform the below functions in support of a respective food waste compost collection program.

Executive Administrator

Interfaces with customer leadership to get and maintain program approval

Acts as a first line of communication in the event that any account level coordination is needed

Composting Program Champion

Interfaces with customer’s employees, patrons, leaders, and community to educate and champion awareness, desire, knowledge, and reinforcement around steps and behaviors necessary for a successful food waste compost collection program.

Financial Controller

Acts as the primary point of contact for deposit and payment related matters.

Operations Manager (Per Location)

Interfaces with customer’s employees, patrons, leaders, and community in the moments of operationally separating food waste from other materials in order to ensure all parties have as pleasant an experience as possible.


Contamination Policy

It is always GoZERO’s intention to provide more than ample dialogue and documentation, provide "if contamination continues..." warnings in writing, and make sure contamination fees are expected if it ever comes to that.

At GoZERO’s discretion, if food waste is deemed too contaminated prior to servicing a container, GoZERO reserves the right to not service a container at the customer’s expense and to suspend services to that container until contamination is cleared by the customer, providing no credit for the container not being serviced.

In cases where food waste is serviced and contamination is found after food waste has been collected GoZERO reserves the right to charge contamination fees at its discretion.

We CAN compost

Fruits, vegetables, grains, pasta, baked goods, beans, coffee grounds, eggs, eggshells, dairy, cooked meat, wood, other plant and animal based material, soiled and wax coated paper/ fiber products, and with pre-review and approval “BPI certified compostable” plastic products (i.e. trash can liners/bags, forks, spoons, knives, cups, bowls, plates, straws, and other service ware) are accepted.
NOTE: If in doubt, don’t include it without first getting approval.

We CAN’T compost

The following may be subject to additional fees, and/or may not be received – rocks, stone, glass, all plastics which are not “BPI certified compostable” (i.e. bags, forks, spoons, knives, cups, bowls, plates, straws, and other service ware), metal, steel, tin, aluminum, electronics, Styrofoam, personal health care products, pharmaceuticals, non-compostable packaging, and plastic lined paper/fiber products.

We CAN’T compost yet

Raw meat, bones, seafood, and shellfish cannot be accepted. GoZERO expects to be able to accept these last few items as soon as its community food waste compostery is up and running. Stay tuned for more on this.


Food waste composting equipment and markets are still developing in their ability to manage contaminates. Once contaminates are introduced into the food waste stream there is no effective way to remove them. In order to sustainably maintain food waste composting, contamination must be kept to a minimum.

General Guidelines

If it grows it goes. However, when in doubt, don't include it. Additional guidelines from regional composters are available upon request.



Containers are 24”x28” by 43” tall, 65 gallon Totter style carts with wheels, labels, lids, and latches capable of holding 500 pounds of food waste for several weeks without issue. This style of container has been found to be most versatile for the broadest set of customer needs. Alternate sizes and configurations may be available upon request.

Carts can be filled within 6” of their rim with solid food wastes. If food waste tends to flow like liquid, carts can be filled such that tipping to roll does not result in spillages. Over filling may result in additional charges.

Contingency Container Rental

Containers can be rented quarterly if a location from time to time may have special planned or unplanned events such that it is prefers to have some number of additional containers on hand beyond that which are regularly serviced.

In the event carts are used and serviced regular container servicing fees will apply in addition to rental fees.

Damaged Container Fee

Food waste containers are included as part of services. However, if a container is damaged while on location at no fault of GoZERO, we may at our discretion charge a damaged container fee.


Communication Policy

It is always GoZERO’s intention to provide more than ample dialogue, clear documentation, written “pay ### amount by ### date to avoid ###" terms, and clear expectations prior to fees being assigned if it ever comes to that.

GoZERO requires payment be made prior to starting or renewing services and always strives to provide more than ample time to make payment.

However, especially in scenarios where services are being started it can be difficult to provide typical notice and customer accounts payable cycles may inhibit timely payment. Regarding payments, every effort will be made to be as proactive and as flexible as possible.

Tax Payer Identification

For income tax filing purposes, please find GoZERO’s W-9 at with information related to 1099 filing.

Payment Methods

Check, Card, and cash are accepted. ACH is preferred. Tailored billing and payment arrangements are possible but are not ideal.

Preferred Payment Benefits

Benefits for ACH and prompt payment within 10 days is something GoZERO hopes to establish soon, but is not yet able to offer. Be sure to mention if this is of interest.

Late Payment Policy

If timely payment is not received food waste containers may be removed and fees may be assessed until payment is made. Regarding receiving payments, every effort will be made to be as proactive and as flexible as possible.

Other Services

Compostable Bags

GoZERO recommends purchasing compostable bags for in house use. When cold weather or other circumstances do not permit the use of onboard cleaning equipment, certified compostable liners (bags) are recommended in 65 gal carts to keep carts tidy.

Bags are not provided for in house use. However, it has been found their use improves composting program adoption and satisfaction among patrons and employees. The ick factor is radically reduced.

Certified compostable liners (bags) can be readily found online in various sizes. GoZERO has found to have the best prices and service as of this writing.

If desired, boxes of compostable bags can be provided upon request.

Team Training

Especially early in compost program implementation a “green team” can be curtail in supporting staff and patron adoption. Physically tending in house receptacles and GoZERO containers may be needed to avoid contamination and encourage contribution.

Materials, consultation, and presentation targeted at building and engaging such a team are available upon request.

5 Gallon Buckets

5 gallon buckets for in house use (front or back of house) can provided upon request.

Composting Station Trays and Stands

Placing compost collection stations away from trash and recycling receptacle up off the floor can improve composting program adoption and reduce non-compostable contamination.

Trays and folding stands for in dining room use in combination with buckets or other containers can be provided upon request.

Secured Containers

A lock and chain may be requested if it is felt containers should be secured in place between servicings.

General Liability Certificate of Insurance

A certificate of insurance may be requested in order to be notified regarding renewals, changes, and cancelations in GoZERO’s general liability coverage.

General Liability Named Insured

Being named as an additional insured may be requested in order to provide additional coverage in the event GoZERO is liable for some loss while on location.

Update Log

2017-08-13 v2.4

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