Fork2Farm Compost - 3qt ~ 5lb - Fine

Fork2Farm Compost - 3qt ~ 5lb - Fine


2X the nutrients of traditional compost
3X the nutrients of potting soils

Fork2Farm Compost is shipped FREE direct to your door in 7 - 10 business days and helps our environment and communities by helping to keep food waste out of landfills.

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Food waste based compost is naturally more nutrient dense because food is more nutrient dense than traditional compost ingredients like landscape trimmings or livestock manure. Food waste based compost can increase soil health and fertility 2X to 8X.

Stop buying 40 pound bags of soil, and order your food waste based compost for today. Compare to traditional fertilizers and peat mosses combined. 


3 quarts ~ 5 pounds of Fork2Farm food waste based compost from Andre Farms - House Blend

  • 2% Nitrogen(N) – used in chlorophyll to produce sugars, amino acids, and proteins
  • 1% Phosphate(P) – used to convert nutrients into building blocks for growth
  • 3% Potash(K) – used for water uptake and synthesizing sugars for use as food


  • 3% Calcium (Ca) - used for coordinating, forming and maintaining cellular formation and growth
  • 22% organic carbon & nitrogen (C:N) lock nutrients in for improved plant feeding
  • Active pro-biotic culture and micro-nutrients give plants the ultimate natural boost
  • 30% improved plant health typical
  • 20% less water required typical
  • 95% fewer greenhouse gases
  • OMRI compliant (certification pending)

How to Use

Open immediately and refrigerate for best results.

Our course blend – has a higher nitrogen to carbon ratio (C:N) and is perfect for optimally feeding plants in soils with already established organic matter, the building blocks plants need to be healthy and productive. Contents are collected when natural breezes create a secondary pile of very small particles adjacent larger screened particles.

  • Use a heaping spoon full (1/4 - 1/2 cups) with each garden store transplant 
  • Mix 1:6 compost to soil to create a potting blend
  • Top dress a 4' x 8' garden or flower bed

Note: Active cultures & moisture may impact volume & weight after bagging.

About Econopia

Econopia was launched in 2015 with the goal of innovating resource stewardship by making food waste composting more accessible in order to strengthen communities and the environment. Fork2Farm Compost represents the last leg of Econopia's fork to farm process, returning valuable nutrients, pro-biotic microbial activity, and organic matter back to your gardens and potted plants. Econopia operates craft food waste collections and composting capabilities, partnering with others like Andre Farms Compost to build healthier food systems. 

About Andre Farms Compost

Since 1992 the Andres have been composting on their family farm in Northwest Ohio and diverting food waste and other organic material from landfilling. The benefits of their all organic, pro-biotic enriched, moisture retaining blend are time tested. Now the fruits of their labor are available to you. Get yours today and read more.