accessible food waste services

GoZERO is part of the Econopian Food Waste Composting Ecosystem


GoZERO is part of a bigger vision for diverting food waste away from landfilling.

In 2015 Econopia was organized to focus efforts around creating products and services aimed at innovating how to better steward food waste. In 2016 GoZERO Services, Food Waste Compost Courier was organized in order to address the logistical problem of collecting food waste separately from traditional waste, and in 2017 Fork2Farm Food Waste Composts was created to make it possible to deliver premium food waste compost directly to you door so that everyone can participate in better stewarding food waste.

See our list of what is and isn’t compostable.
It’s not pretty (we’re working on that), but it is exhaustive.



What's different about our approach?


Our singular focus is innovating resource stewardship – starting with food waste, diverting it from landfilling, and working to make it easy for mid to small scale food waste generators do their part.

(Economic & Ecological)

We are committed to building a nonprofit business from the ground up in order to best ensure the longevity and expansion of the environmental, community, and economic benefits created through its products and services.

Holistic Integration

The approach is vertically integrated, meaning it’s focused on developing capabilities across each step of the food waste recycling and recovery process (i.e. collections, composting, and marketing of finished products). Doing so makes it less likely quality and operations will be diminished due to uncontrollable third-party issues.


Integration across multiple food waste composting steps creates complexity which requires operations stay small and local. This limitation has been used to create a more service oriented and quickly reproducible operation in order to best meet needs as they arise.


As the need for food waste collections routes, neighborhood composting hubs, and compost marketing grow – we are poised to share those opportunities with anyone who would like to participate, building a platform for food waste composting based on lessons learned from companies like Uber and Airbnb.


GoZERO, has been created as a nonprofit in order to provide food waste collection services and premium compost delivery with the greatest community benefit.




3 ways you can be a part of innovating food waste compost stewardship.

1. Tell your friends GoZERO is where it’s at!

Follow, share, and like our pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Linkedin, and others.

If you’re hard core, snap a picture of your green thumbs with some friends and #GoZERO.

If you’re true believer, tell a friend in person or on the phone about GoZERO.

2. Buy a bag of Fork2Farm Food Waste Compost. 

As part of GoZERO's commitment to make food waste composting easy you can now have a 5 pound bag of Fork2Farm Food Waste Compost delivered right to your door. Use it as an all organic pro-biotic enriched moister enhancing fertilizer for your garden and flower boxes.

And now when you buy a 5 pound bag, not only will we use the revenues to grow food waste composting, we’ll give 5 pounds to a local nonprofit or community organization.

Order online today, and get some for your friends.

3. Sign up for GoZERO's Food Waste Compost Courier Services.

Commercial services are now available in the Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati areas. Tell your favorite restaurants, food stores, and distributors how much more you’d love them if they’d compost with us.

If you’re the vigilante type, let us know you’d personally like to compost. We’re working on getting community collection hubs started for people who’d like to compost their kitchen scraps but might not need one of our 64 gallon containers. The hubs would be staffed a couple times per week so you and your other hip neighbors can combine your food waste while encouraging your other (less hip)neighbors to do the same.